Embrace the autumn with fun family games at Loch Shin Glamping Pods

As the leaves change colours and the air turns crisp, there are plenty of exciting autumnal games and activities for the whole family that can help make your visit to Loch Shin Glamping Pods, a special one.


1. Leaf pile scavenger hunt:

Gather a collection of autumn leaves and hide them throughout your pod. Create a list of clues to guide your family members to each hidden leaf. The first one to find all the leaves wins. This game encourages teamwork and problem-solving.


2. Campfire stories:

Create a cosy indoor camping atmosphere by building a "campfire" with blankets and pillows. Gather around and take turns sharing spooky or heart-warming campfire stories. You can even use a torch to add some dramatic effects.


3. Autumn bingo:

Design your own autumn-themed bingo cards featuring images of pumpkins, acorns, squirrels, and other seasonal items. Call out the characters and watch the excitement as someone shouts, "Bingo!"


4. Leaf art contest:

Collect fallen leaves from our site and gather art supplies like markers, glue, and paper. Challenge each family member to create their own leaf masterpiece. You can even turn it into a friendly competition and have a "leaf art show" to display and admire everyone's creations.


5. Indoor s'mores making:

No camping experience is complete without s'mores (see pic)! If it’s too chilly outside, set up a DIY s'mores station with biscuits, marshmallows, and chocolate. Use our microwave to melt the marshmallows and create your delicious campfire treat.


6. Campsite obstacle course:

Transform your pod into an indoor obstacle course using furniture, cushions, and other items. The small space makes the course even more exciting! Time each family member as they complete the course, and the fastest one wins. 


7. Autumn nature scavenger hunt:

Create a list of autumn-themed items to find in and outside of your pod, such as a pine cone, a red leaf, or a picture of a woodland animal. Set a timer and see who can collect the most items within the given time frame.


Indoor autumn camping games offer a perfect solution for those chilly afternoons and evenings. These activities not only provide entertainment but also promote family time together at Loch Shin. Let us know how you get on and post pictures on our socials to share your experiences.


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