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Thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about us.  I’m Anita, and my husband JD and I have realised our long-held dream to relocate to the Highlands.  We are so excited to be the proud new owners of Loch Shin Glamping Pods! 
We wanted to use this page to introduce ourselves and give you a bit of insight into what has brought us here and why.
Why Loch Shin?
We met in Scotland and lived in Dumfries for the first 10 years, spending our honeymoon travelling Scotland, which was where we fell in love with the mountains.
My Dad was born and bred on the East Coast and my Dad’s family live in Montrose and Edinburgh.  As a child, we spent at least 2 weeks every year on holiday in Scotland. JD’s family are all from Dumfries and he was brought up in the countryside. His Dad loved the countryside, and following in his footsteps JD has always dreamed of having a place in the sticks to train his dogs’.
We have toured in our camper (or hired motorhomes) for the last 5 years and never tired of the beautiful, stunning and simply breathtaking views in Scotland. We have travelled to some stunning locations in the world, including Matchu Pitchu, the Grand Canyon, and the Canadian Rockies and NOTHING compares to being up a mountain in Scotland, especially when the sun is shining! It is so peaceful, grounding and makes you just glad to be alive.
It was our second trip when we knew that someday we would move up to the Highlands.  JD has served 35 years in the RAF, travelled the world and is now retired from that life.  Too young to go into full retirement and having both worked and saved hard we took the plunge and this is our forever home.
About us
Probably much like the guests that stay here at Loch Shin Glamping Pods, on a cool winter evening we would both rather be outside. Being sat around a fire, wrapped in a blanket and chatting over a lovely glass of red wine beats being inside any day.
We both love open water swimming so Loch Shin is perfect for us.  It is amazing what a different perspective you can get on the landscape (and on life) when you are in the middle of a Scottish loch.
We are also keen walkers and have bagged around 25 munros, half a dozen corbetts and would like to get a few more under our belt.  We may not ever bag the full 227 but we aim to give it our best shot.
We can’t wait to meet all of the guests who want to come and experience Loch Shin for themselves.  We think it’s a magical place and one that we are happy to share with you!



Forge Cottage
IV27 4DN


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+44 7494 058655

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